Top Stocks Currently Available with Eiro-group – A Review

The outperformance of individual stocks around the world, especially blue-chip companies with a dominant position in their respective fields, had been a major tailwind for new retail trading flows in 2020.

Trading CFDs on stocks represents a viable solution to take advantage of short-term price volatility, without having to own the underlying stocks and with low limitations to go short. Aware of this growing demand for stock-related instruments, Eiro-group is an international trading brand currently providing a well-diversified offer.

About Eiro-group

Eiro-group is a global online trading brand wanting to enable a comprehensive experience of the power of online trading. It is a multi-asset brokerage, currently covering CFDs based on FX, stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

Eiro-group logo

Traders working with Eiro-group benefit from enhanced privacy and security, professional customer support, various educational resources, comfort, and end-to-end services. Because the stocks CFDs cover a significant portion of the Eiro-group, the current review will analyze some of the top stocks currently available with the brand.

Stocks CFD Trading with Eiro-group

Because Eiro-group offers CFDs based on different stocks, traders can diversify with assets from some of the largest markets, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, or Canada.

stock CFD trading with Eiro-group

Considering this year had been all about stocks in the US, CFDs based on Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, McDonald’s, Amazon, Spotify, Nike, Twitter, and plenty of other popular stocks can be traded on margin and with competitive spreads.

Eiro-group wants to make sure that its customers can easily build a diversified stock CFDs portfolio, gaining exposure to some of the best-performing sectors such as tech, healthcare, or e-commerce.

Large-cap stocks continue to be attractive investments for both retail and institutional investors, in a world dominated by low-interest rates and limited options when it comes to high-yielding assets. Eiro-group offers a reliable, trusted, and simple trading solution for both experienced and beginners traders from all around the world.

Thanks to a rich account types offering, that covers 6 different options (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Millioner Club), traders working with Eiro-group can use different useful features such as daily market reviews, trading signals, exclusive updates, assistance from an account manager, and a group of analysts.

Take Advantage of a Modern Platform

Access to financial markets is ensured via a proprietary web-based trading platform. Traders can trade from anywhere via the website with no download or installation required. The platform comes with advanced charting, support for technical indicators, risk management tools, and has several customization features, including skins, language, and window reshaping, to fit well on any type of device.

Eiro-group platform

The platform can be accessed via any mobile device, Android or iOS, and has no issue working on a smaller screen. Eiro-group wants to make sure that customers can keep a close eye on their account at any point, to not get caught by surprise when markets are volatile.

Final Thoughts

Mainly due to fiscal and monetary interventions, stocks are expected to outperform cash in the near term and with that in mind, Eiro-group wants to continue providing competitive trading conditions for a rich selection of CFDs based on the best-performing stocks.

Regardless of their country of residence, as long as local regulation is not contrary to the services provided by Eiro-group, traders can trade stocks from the largest financial areas, removing the barriers of physical borders. Either focusing 100% on stocks or integrating stocks among a well-diversified portfolio, both are possible due to a broad range of instruments currently supported.

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