The Right Insurance is Catered by the right Broker

Depending on the volume of business and specific agreements with insurance companies, the Insurance broker can provide his clients with mutually negotiated and particularly advantageous mutual benefits which the client could not individually claim. It allows you to obtain one or more health insurance proposals in a single quote request.

The Use of the Broker

The health insurance broker is mandated by his client to select suitable offers from partners (mutuals, insurance companies or provident institutions) with which he works.

  • In the majority of cases, the health insurance broker is a professional independent of insurance on the capital level. Thus, the broker can avail himself of a much-needed relative objectivity regarding his selection of guarantees which he will present to the client. The latter does not bear any financial costs since the broker is remunerated directly by the insurer or the mutual fund as soon as the subscription to the complementary health contract is concluded.

Note that the contract binds the subscriber and the insurer. The broker having only an intermediary role and does not bear the financial risk of the compensation which falls to the insurer (risk bearer) and possibly the reinsurer. The commercial relationship remains with the broker until the end of the insurance contract.

The brokerage firm specializing in mutual health insurance Bonne Assurance goes further

Depending on the volume of business and specific agreements with insurance companies, the broker Insurance can provide its customers with mutual services previously negotiated and particularly advantageous which the customer could not individually claim.

In addition, the Insurance advisers undertake to implement commercial monitoring of the contracts, as well as in terms of claim settlement and compensation procedure. This strong desire drives all the advisers, real professionals and specialists in complementary health.

Since a long time the insurance company is happy to be able to count a number of satisfied customers (whom we thank in passing) more and more numerous each year in the field of health insurance but also of individual and family providence, insurance borrower and supplementary pension.

The rating

Before leaving, take the time to consult the opinions that our clients leave on our fully independent insurance brokerage firm. Collected on a platform external to ours, these opinions are verified and therefore completely objective.

The complementary health insurance is responsible for taking all or part of the health expenses not reimbursed by Social Security. It therefore applies to health costs, such as medical consultations (with a general practitioner or a specialist), pharmaceutical costs, hospital expenses, optical or dental costs, etc.

Last Words

Like any insurance contract, the subscription formulas can present many variations from one insurer to another. A precise inventory of one’s own needs will therefore make it possible to determine the most suitable and most competitive formula.

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