Peter Loftin, an Inspirational Personality and Big Name in Telecom Sector

Peter Loftin is an inspiration for many new entrepreneurs who are starting from scratch. He established his name on his own in telecom sector and became famous worldwide. Whether it be his business enthusiasm, struggle and success at a young age or his philanthropic activities; every aspect of his personality seems appealing. Somebody born in a non-business family and then working as a salesman and then starting everything on his own!

Definitely, his approach and ideas were realistic and different, that is why he emerged out to be a notable business tycoon. His charity work shows that a successful person can be utterly humble and concerned for society. Not to be surprised! He is one of the most popular business celebs in America.

Peter Loftin Became an Entrepreneur in His Twenties

It was the time when Bell telephone reign was diminishing in 1983 and Peter Loftin came up with his own venture named BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) in Raleigh. Within no time, the popularity and market of BTI expanded and it became the largest employer in private sector. This soon company became one of the topmost in telecom sector at the national level.

A businessman and investor at heart, Peter Loftin had not stuck only to telecom sector. In 2016, he became the founder member of the largest whiskey distillery in USA. The distilling programme gave rise to Bardstown Bourbon; the first Collaborative Bourbon, Rye and Whiskey.

Loftin’s contributions to business world have always been recognised. Business North Carolina Magazine honoured him by naming as North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year. North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association awarded him with Corporate Citizen of the Year since he had provided free internet services to disabled students in rural areas. His very first venture BTI has been ranked as 7th on the list of local exchange carriers at national level.

Respect and Recognition Follow the Good Deeds of Peter Loftin

The charitable deeds Loftin has done and is still doing deserve respect and recognition. His soft-heartedness and concern for the society was evident in his first social initiative that he took during his twenties. He had initiated Coats for Kids programme to provide quality woollen clothes and coats to the children who could not afford the same in chilling winters. Common people supported him in this initiative and made it work well.

Due to his prestigious image and deeds, Peter Loftin has been given opportunities to work for different reputed posts. Like, in Washington, he was a part of National Board of Governors of the American Red Cross. He is serving as a board member for Miami Beach Police Athletic League. In 2006, City of Miami Beach honoured him with a certificate of appreciation for his contributions to the city.

He laid the foundation of Casa Casuarina, a venue for hosting charitable events. Many art forms and performances found its way of presentation through this venue. Also, contribution of Peter Loftin to museums and other heritage centres is exemplary.

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