Neuer Capital Review – An All-in-One Trading Solution

Want to start trading? Nowadays, a lot of people are giving this option some thought because it is a hassle-free way of earning some money. You can trade from the comfort of your home and even without any experience, skill or knowledge. As long as you are above 18 and have money to invest, you can try your hand at trading. But, how do you begin? You first priority should be to find an online broker. Yes, brokers are still essential to start trading and you need to find a good one in order to get started.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you choose just any broker that you will find. Not every broker can be trusted these days because online scams are on the rise. Therefore, it pays to be cautious because if you fall for a scam, they will not just steal your money, but also your personal information. There are some good and reputable brokers in the market that you can use for your trading needs. One of these brokers is Neuer Capital. Even though the broker has not been in the market for as long as some other renowned brokers, it has earned a place for itself very quickly.

It is owned and operated by a company based in Republic of Seychelles called Expand Solutions Ltd. A team of expert and professional traders with deep knowledge and understanding of the market formed this broker to provide an all-in-one trading solution to every trader. How does it accomplish this goal? You can find everything in this review:

  • Minimal investment requirement

To begin with, Neuer Capital has become one of the top brokers in the market because it has kept its investment requirements minimal. Traders don’t need to have huge amounts of money in order to start trading, which is undoubtedly beneficial. The minimum deposit requirement of the Basic account of the broker is €1,000. Even beginner traders can invest this sum to start trading.

  • Excellent trading infrastructure

The trading infrastructure of a broker can have a big impact on every trader’s experience with them. If their trading platform is not up to the market, people are not going to stay around for long. Luckily, Neuer Capital doesn’t have any of these problems. It has come up with a web-based trading platform, which needs no download or installation, and is easy to navigate. They have integrated advanced charting tools, trading indicators and price alerts on the platform. It also offers speedy execution and has user-friendly features that make trading a breeze.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are also available at Neuer Capital to enable people to use their accounts on the go. The apps also have charting tools and different templates that can be immensely useful for the traders. They are smooth and responsive and allow traders to execute trades easily.

  • Upfront pricing and fees

One of the biggest problems that traders have with brokers is that they don’t really know what trading fee and other costs they will be charged. It can be extremely frustrating to find out that you have to pay a ton of charges to the broker, which can wipe out a lot of your profits. With Neuer Capital, you don’t have this complaint because they are upfront about their pricing and fee.

The broker wants to provide a transparent environment to its clients and it has done so by being straightforward about their charges. They offer some of the lowest and tightest spreads in the industry and don’t charge any heavy commissions from their clients. They don’t spring up any hidden fee on you later on either. There are no account maintenance or inactive account fee involved.

  • Top-notch security policies

Knowing the risk of scams in the market, Neuer Capital has also developed top-notch security policies to give peace of mind to traders. As per international standards, the broker maintains segregated accounts for their clients. The broker’s own accounts are kept separate as this can help in avoiding any mix up. The funds are stored with investment banks with tough security measures. The KYC and AML policies are also implemented by Neuer Capital to verify all accounts on its platform and to prevent cybercriminals from using it for any nefarious activity. The highest standards of encryption are also applicable for keeping all information hidden and safe from prying eyes.

  • A complete educational center

Neuer Capital has developed a complete educational center for its clients. They want their traders to maximize their profits and the best way to do so is to improve your knowledge and learn how the market works. Their introductory courses can assist beginners in doing so whereas their in-depth courses are helpful for professional traders. They also have e-books on different topics related to trading and you can also find a glossary for learning the meaning of important words. There is also a section for analysis where market news and video market analysis is available for guidance.

  • Dependable customer assistance

Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is the aim of Neuer Capital and in order to do so, they have put in dependable customer assistance solutions. First, there is an FAQ section on their website where the broker provides answers to numerous questions. If you need further help, you can reach out to their customer assistance team through phone or email. There is also a contact form on their website on the Contact Us page, which you can fill and share your problem. They will get back to you as quickly as possible and attempt to assist you in every way.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact that it is a new broker, Neuer Capital has not made compromises when it comes to providing quality services. They are a proficient broker that can cater to the needs of new traders as well as those who have some experience under their belts. Thanks to their easy sign up procedure, you can register quickly and start trading without any complications.

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